Gldx Token (Gldx)

What is Gldx?


88X is possible with Gldx Token!!

Gldx Token is formed by the various asset funds algorithm used in order to prevent manipulative movements for the base price formation. The mechanism of these funds, which are created at certain rates, working with instant transaction prices in the world stock markets, is also the main factor. It acts as a breakwater against big fluctuations in price. The base price of each Gldx Token starts with the division of the commodity averages in which mutual funds are currently evaluated, at the rate that constitutes the starting price of 1.1 Usdt.

In simple terms, with a reciprocal transaction volume of approximately 9M, it is possible for a Gldx token to reach 96.8 usdt with an increase of approximately 88 times in a very short time.


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Take advantages.

  • Without the need for a 50 thousand limit bank, Gldx Token Plus has a contactless card.
  • It has special rates in Staking (Coin Locking) packages.
  • With its OTC desk, it has special price offers with its "Personal Broker" service.
  • Earns an extra bonus in Syndicate campaigns.
  • The bottom tier receives 5M Above market offers with deep common market functionality
  • Uninterrupted access to assets is provided with the My Successors feature.


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ıncreasıng ratıo algorithm

GLDX Token pricing is a Token that works based on volume and traditional assets, not supply and demand!

When designing the GLDX Token, as with other tokens, is based on a system that increases with the volume generated in both buy and sell with an algorithm that is linked to the volume of GLDX token trading in the market, instead of an algorithm that rises as demand increases and decreases as supply increases.

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